The True Story of the Extraction Ending Movie Explained

The Extraction is a new Netflix movie starring Chris Hemsworth. This film is directed by Sam Hargrave, and as expected from a stunt coordinator, it is packed with action for a small screen release. The story revolves around Hemsworth’s character, Tyler Rake who goes on a mission to save kidnapped son from a powerful drug mafia boss. However, the mission goes on the wrong direction as the saver and the boy, are sent into the Dhaka Bangladesh on wild chase. The Extraction ending is on an open note regarding Rake’s sacrifice and life.

The Ending of Netflix’s The Extraction Explained

Before he worked on The Extraction as a debut project, Sam Hargrave used to work as the stunt coordinator for a few Marvel movies. This movie falls on the different genre with superhero ones, but it still carries similar morality, in which the hero protagonist is the good bad guy due to the personal tragedy and then given a mission that required him to fight and kill people in the process.

The climax plot started when Rake is shot and falls from the bridge. He just succeeded to bring the kidnapped boy, Ovi, out from the danger. The Extraction ending is tumbling on the more ambiguous side, as it seems rather clear that Rake couldn’t survive the mission. In the final scene, viewers are presented with fast forwarded scene eight months into the future after the supposed death of protagonist while the boy saved is alive. While Ovi is swimming in a pool, he comes up to the surface and you can see a distanced figure that might have resemblances to Rake. Now, it is not clear whether it is really Rake or just the fragment of Ovi’s traumatized mind.

The director has explained that the original script actually ends with the dying of Rake. He does not survive and alive, as his story has completed when he found a purpose – which is to keep Ovi alive. Through sacrifice, the main protagonist has come into redemption, by making choice that he was fine with. Rake has deal with his past and the present choice to save Ovi. He also said further, Rake was okay with dying because for him it was what his journey is meant to be.

However, Hargrave also stated that the crew has shot multiple different endings. The audience reactions are split when those endings are tested out – whether they want Rake to die or keep alive. As the answer, and to appeal more mass audience, the team has decided to settle with ambiguous type of ending. The viewers can decide the ending according to what they want it to be.

The Extraction ending which left open can be interpreted in any ways, but it mostly represents hope according to the producer, Russo. Even if Hemsworth’s character has survived – which is rather implausible, but he still deserves to be. Moreover, by using this kind of ending, there is a pretty high chance to get either sequel or prequel of the movie.

Extraction Movie
Extraction Movie

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