Who Are in the Bad Education Movie Cast List and Their Characters

Inspired by and based on an article on New York magazine titled “The Bad Superintendent”, Bad Education is produced on 2019 in USA with genre of comedy-drama. Cory Finley is the director, while the script is written by Mike Makowsky. Bad Education movie cast list is filled with both famous and fresh faces such as Hugh Jackman, Geraldine Viswanathan, Ray Romano, Allison Janney, and others.

This movie is set on early 2000s, on a village in Roslyn called Long Island. The story tells a character of Dr. Frank Tassone played by Jackman and Pam Gluckin played by Janney. They joined together to still millions of dollar from public school. There is actually a true story behind this, which tells about embezzlement of biggest public school in America. Makowsky, as the screenwriter, even got to meet Tassone when he attended Roslyn High School in late 2000s before the scandal happened.

Cast List of Bad Education Movie

  1. Hugh Jackman

Jackman plays a very well-liked school superintendent called Frank Tassone. He has ambition to get Roslyn High School as the best and getting credited from the success. However, issue arises when his assistant, played by Gluckin, is caught in money embezzlement for her personal family expenses. In order to protect reputation of the school, Frank Tassone does his best to cover the scandal so the school’s name won’t be tarnished.

  1. Allison Janney

Janney acts as the superintendent’s assistant as well as the Roslyn School District’s business administrator. She caught in the wrong by using district credit card for her personal expenses by the school board. To conceal his own crimes, Tassone threw her under the bus but then convinced the board to not report to the authorities in the names of Roslyn’s reputation and ranking.

  1. Ray Romano

Bob Spicer is the school board president played by Romano. His character is inspired by a real superintendent who’s doing theft in the total of $2.2 million. He needs about 20 years to repay the money. The former president of Roslyn School Board then said that the superintendent must serve with maximum sentence.

  1. Geraldine Viswanathan

This Australian actress plays as one of the Bad Education movie cast in the list, as school student and newspaper reporter named Rachel Bhargava. She’s doing research related to the truth of school’s budget, which leads to the trail of embezzlement. Frank Tassone tries to stop her when he finds out about Rachel’s investigation. However, she actually has her own scandal as she is an outcast in the school community.

Bad Education is a well-researched and intelligently written movie. It is expected to be the next hit. It is also supported by the fact that the story is actually happening. It is only a matter if the viewers are able to overcome the hard truths. In terms of the plot, it is actually quite predictable if not for the amazing performance of the Bad Education movie cast. Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney are both showing incredible performance in this, with their three-dimensional depiction. It adds excitement as the story peels out layer by layer.


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